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August 5-9 2020

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August 5-9 2020









What is Glæ Innovation Generation all about?


What will I do in Glæ Innovation Generation?


Learn from experienced speakers!

45 mins + Q&A every morning


Work with a group of people with the same interest!

Throughout the day


Present with your group!

The last day


Enjoy the South of France!

(plus excursions and a secret...)

All the time!

Your voice matters.

Other Camps / events won't let you have a voice

Glæ IG is different

Glæ IG is made by people like you.

We have big ideas.

We all want to be heard.

Regardless of our age or anything else.


We are committed to making that happen

How is Glæ making a differnece?

Glae is giving people of all ages a place to share their ideas on how to improve our world.

Yes, it is important to make a big change globally, but giving individuals voices and a place to find themselves is just as important

New generation = New ideas = Innovation


Siena Amelie - France - Environment

"I've been worried about the environment for all of my life, and now its worse than ever. I can't wait to finally have a place to make a change. I've been part of lots of other events like Glæ and each time I fantasized about how nice it would be to have one for younger people. Glæ Innovation generation is everything I ever wanted!  I'm so happy to be able to plan such an extraordinary event. I can't wait to meet everyone!"

Emily Delman - USA - Equality

"Equality is something that is very important to me and I am beyond ecstatic to have the opportunity to share the value of the topic. I have yet to be a part of an event such as this and it is life changing that I was invited. I can't wait to collaborate with everyone!"

Ida Sofie - Denmark -  Reduce Food Waste

“I really like to cook dinner for my family, and I love baking cakes. Recently we went to the Philippines and I saw a lot of poor and hungry children. It made me think. For Glæ I want to focus on food waste as I worry about the environment and climate change and at the same time I wish to help feed more hungry children. We need to act now before it is too late. I can’t wait to meet you all.”


Loula McIntosh - UK -  Education System

I love to hang out with my friends and family I think it's really important to have a good bond with them. I met some of my closest friends while I was at school however for me school wasn’t that good of an experience. Although I feel that the school system is very important because it shapes the young minds of children and the young minds of the future. However, having just finished my GCSE’s and gone through school I have come to realise that the system doesn’t support the creative side of people as much as their academic side. The older I got and the deeper I got into the system the more I came to realise just how much my creative side was being suppressed. I can’t wait to hear all your opinions about this and how you think we can make a difference to make school enjoyable for everyone no matter their strengths and weaknesses.



Philippa Huré - France - Human Rights

"Human Rights are really important to me because all people should have the right to food security, clean water, and proper medicine.
Because all of those things are vital but also are essential for the good health of children and adults around the world.
So yes, we all should have the right to that, that we live in the smallest or poorest town or village.
We think that it is normal to get a full plate of food every day and water in abundance, but it isn’t some people have to fight every day for less than that, and now-on should have to do that because we all have the right to food security, clean water, and proper medicine!"


Frequently Asked Questions

At Mas du Grand Vallon, a four star hotel and golf resort In mougins

We'll also visit Monaco and present in Eze!

Lunch and snacks, excursions transportation and tickets included, visits to natural locations, as well as a trip to Monaco.

In the morning of each day we learn from experienced teachers about one of our three themes (on the fourth day we will learn how to present instead of learning about our themes). On the fifth day we present and party! 🎉💃

If anything seems unclear don't worry, you will be given schedules when you arrive. 

You could call them electives, subjects, topics, issues, but we call  them themes. They are the topics that interest, and are important to you which you will be working on during Glæ IG. 

Examples include: Environment, Equality, and many many more. Anything that you want to (peacefully😉) fight for. 

The Global Luminary Activation experience (Glæ for short) is a 5 day in-person training event, with a year-long mentoring program, designed specifically for Lightworkers, healers, coaches and others in helping roles. (For Adults) It's only relation to Glæ Innovation generation is that they happen simultaneously in the same hotel. This could be a nice place for parents to go while while their children are at Glæ IG.

Our partner event, Grow Within is an event for for self help and development (ages 12-20), while Glæ Innovation Generation is for young activists. As partner events, they happen simultaneously while being two seperate groups and will sometimes meet up.

Do you have questions?

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have in the Q&A section in the application form.  

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