Grow Within

The life changing starting 4 day workshop for teens

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We made an event for teens aged 13-20 to improve themselves and their lives. We aim to do that with 4 topics and comprehensive courses that take place in small groups. But most of all, we create a unique space for these people to begin to improve their lives with others that share similar interests.

Build your life from the ground up.

The Four Topics


Find out out who you really are, and grow to support them


Build better habits with a supportive group


Design your life


connect with people with similar interests to you

Discover your truth

Our experts

 Dr Jill Stocker


Feel your best

  Ofkje Teekens

Self discovery

Find out who you are, and love them

 Lucy Vittrup


Nearly a third of all teenagers feel lonely most or all the time. You don't have to be one of them.


Goals and Future plans

Self Love, Care, and Discovery

Our method

── Small Groups ──


We work in small groups of 5 or fewer attendees and one facilitator. This dynamic allows everyone the chance to share and never feel intimidated.

── The Grow Within Journal  ──


Our journals complete with journaling prompts and habit trackers, make the perfect companion for an amazing time at the Grow Within Event.

── Environment  ──


Grow Within is all about creating a space to improve and grow, we do so at the Golden Tulip 4 star hotel,
in the south of France, where you can enjoy the warm beaches, Mediterranean sea, and beautiful mountains.

Meet supportive friends

What happens?


With our amazing facilitator and certified yoga teacher (name)

Optional 8AM Tuesday, Thursday


The class will begin with a quick review of the schedule and any announcements to be made.
Then we get into the comprehensive course taught by a different expert each day.

9 AM

Eat delicious, plant based food.


Create zen gardens, make music, craft, visit a local forest, beach or trail with the Glae Innovation Generation group


Countdown until Grow within!

August 5-9 2020









What is Glæ?

The Global Luminary Activation experience (Glæ for short) is a 5 day in-person training event, with a year-long mentoring program, designed specifically for Lightworkers, healers, coaches and others in helping roles. (For Adults) It's only relation to Grow Within is that they happen simultaneously in the same hotel. This could be a nice place for parents to go while while their children are at Grow within.

Our partner event, Glæ Innovation Generation is an event for young activists (ages 12-20) while Grow Within is for self help and development. As partner events, they happen simultaneously while being two seperate groups and will sometimes meet up.

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