About Us

We help changemakers, conscious entrepreneurs and transformational leaders 10-100x their impact by leveraging their expertise in the creation of an authentic global brand presence, publishing books & digital media, creating courses and providing intensive retreats to empower people to put their creativity into reality.

More than a branding or marketing agency, we bring forth disruptive, out-of-the box concepts in wellbeing, science and entrepreneurship that will have a lasting impact on the individuals, communities and mother Earth, too.


Personal Brand Identity Development & Consulting

To empower passion-driven experts, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs to brand themselves authentically online, Dr. Andrea offers her signature Brand Who You Really Are one-to-one mentorship over a 6 to 12 month period. The goal is to create a compelling brand platform that allows you to stand out, get media attention, and to elevate your profile.

Dr. Andrea’s consulting is typically delivered as a personalized 3-Step System to:

  1. Create an authentic brand identity,
  2. Master the messaging and visual presentation of branded materials, websites and press kits, and
  3. Elevate the visibility of the brand through organized promotion and online media branding strategy.

Content Development & Communication Strategy Consulting

Confidently craft your story, launch your online platform and promote your book with the help of 20-year media pro and bestselling author, Dr. Andrea Pennington of Make Your Mark Global.

With 1-to-1 personal consulting, Dr. Andrea can help you:

  • Create the content calendar & strategy for your blog, vlog, podcast, or online course
  • Bring forth the golden nuggets from your personal life story you will proudly share with the world on stage or in a book
  • Cut and polish your ‘diamond in the rough-draft’ to create a stunning book manuscript you are proud to present to potential publishers
  • Create an online media-rich platform to showcase every facet of your creativity
  • Prepare you to pitch media outlets with your published book or product
  • Craft a TED-worthy presentation or keynote speech so that you attract more clients, more speaking engagements & earn more money

Don’t let another year pass by without sharing your story, message or program with the world!


Publishing & Story Development

Has anyone ever told you that you should write a book?
Is your personal life more interesting or inspiring than fiction?
Do you have a deep yearning to get published but haven’t managed to get your ideas organized, written, and out into the world?
If so, what’s holding you back?
Maybe you thought getting a book written and published was just too daunting and scary.

Well, fear no more!

For over a decade Dr. Andrea has helped people around the world become published authors using her signature MVP Process.


Professional Training & Personal Development

Online courses and group coaching programs led by Dr. Andrea can put you on the fast-track to building your authentic personal brand, establishing your authority as an expert and preparing you for Global Media Success.

Our offerings are accessible and affordable!

In-person intensives & online group coaching allow you to network with other emerging luminaries while receiving direct coaching & mentoring by Dr. Andrea.


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