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About GLÆ

The Global Luminary Activation experience is a 5 day in-person training event, with a year-long mentoring program, designed specifically for Lightworkers, healers, coaches and others in helping roles.

If your passion is helping your clients to recover, heal and thrive, or if you are going to be making this your mission in the near future, then this event has your name on it.

We teach you branding and the 5 stages of business growth, without it getting too techy or overwhelming.  We teach you marketing and making money in the most soul-centered and authentic way possible.  And we give you in-person inspiration from speakers in the field who share their soul and business journeys with you, to really get you embodying the knowledge that your goal is possible too.

We know that it is absolutely possible to make a real income from your passion and talent - yes, even in the Lightworker world - you just need the right tools, mentoring, and ultimately you need to believe you can.

Our year-long mentoring program gets you from wherever you are now to having paying clients and a healthy business - all you need to do is be brave and jump in with us!


This is more than an event. This is a year-long Mastermind program that begins with a 5 day event on the French Riviera.

Here's what's included in the package price:

Our 5 days together will be the catalyst for the year of transformation ahead of you.

Dr. Andrea and her transformational team will help you move through the 5 stages of business growth you experience as a Lightworker, healer or coach.


Concrete, effective and actionable training and inspiration is needed for heart-centered entrepreneurs today.

To advance your business while maintaining your heart-center and integrity you need a reliable framework and trustworthy mentors to support your growth.

Do you want to focus your energy & power to get results and amplify your light?

Then you need role models and mentors who've done what you want to do, and who are where you want to go!

We are committed to helping soul-inspired coaches, healers and Lightworkers increase their income and impact by sharing your message, products and Light with a wider audience.

Make Your Mark Global publishes 2-3 group books every year.

GLÆ members can take advantage of a discounted place in a 2020 - 2021 group book of their choice.

As you will learn more about on the GLÆ programme, being a published author, and doing the PR around the book, is a great way to boost your profile.

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Innovation Generation


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Your Investment

What's included in your Glæ ticket?



This Mastermind Will Empower You To:


Learn how to describe what you do & how you get results

Get help to create your personal brand identity so you can get people excited by your offers with ease.


Know which steps to take & when at every stage 

Stop wasting time and money on strategies that don't work for you. 


Break through your limitations & renew  your motivation

Reprioritize your soul's purpose to create positive change in your life & the world


Get support in community as your grow your business 

We provide accountability and soul-inspired nurturing throughout the year.

~ Your Host ~

Dr. Andrea Pennington is globally recognized branding expert,
media producer and publisher.

As a mentor to Global Luminaries &
Lightworker Activator she will lead a Transformational team of experts during your mastermind experience.

Dr. Andrea is a 3x international TEDx speaker and bestselling author with more than 20 years experience helping people with health, self-expression and media.

Today she is committed to help YOU step up and claim your spot in the global marketplace with integrity and impact.


~ Your Ascension Path to Success ~

This is a comprehensive experience providing both personal & professional training, guidance and support in a loving community.

If you have felt a tingling, rumbling, or an urge to rise up, to be a more powerful healer, coach or Lightworker, then now is the perfect time for you to do it!

Now is the perfect time is because  the world is finally ready to be led by Lightworkers.

Dr. Andrea and her transformational team will help you move beyond the fear of being seen, break free from doubt and low confidence, and embrace your gifts and talents to share with the world.

We will lead you through visionary processes and guided exercises to help you clarify your vision for this bold future that you will manifest. And once we’ve clarified and defined a beautiful, inspiring vision, then we move you to the next stage and that is, the Positioning Stage.

Once you are clear on your vision, or dream for a bright future, then the next step is to create that base from which you can soar and shine.

The positioning stage is about really clarifying your brand identity. This is Dr. Andrea's core expertise, which she has done successfully in the media for 20 years.

Her team includes heart-centered people who will help you craft with the language to describe what you do, while bringing out the passion behind your mission, to fully explain for anyone to understand what you do and who you serve.

All of these elements are essential if you want to build a profitable, productive and powerful business.

When you have your full brand identity outlined and defined, you’ll be able to explain -- clearly & confidently -- who you are, what you stand for and what you do.

Then you will be guided to create your online platform and social media profiles that describe the gifts  you have and how you help transform lives in a way that is inviting, that invites people to ask questions and take a conversation deeper.

Here we focus on establishing your credibility and explaining why you are an authority or an expert.

You don’t have to have any fancy degrees or certifications. You just need experience. Highlighting the experience, the results and the success that you bring to people is enough. When people see that you are a truly authentic, heart centered, and a soul inspired transformational healer, then you’re able to share without bragging or showing off.

You'll also learn proven techniques to simply share the results that you’ve seen in your own life and in your client’s to be recognized as a leader, as an authority and as an expert.

Examples of authority building presentations include:

  • Your Signature Speech, TED talk or Keynote
  • Your own book
  • Your chapter in a group book
  • Your series of training videos or email lessons

An ideal way to be promoted is via TV, radio and through referral from influencers with a large audience.

Promotion is best made with integrity, not high pressure sales. 

To run your business with integrity and feel confident in your ability to attract more clients or sell more products it is ideal to consider partnership as your model for promotion. This shifts the way you see sales from being pushy or needy, into being a win-win offering for you and your client.

The expansion stage of your business involves having your products, events and other services available to a global audience.

When you are well known and respected people will fly across the sea to experience the transformation you provide. Whether in person, via virtual sessions or with Masterminds you can expand your presence around the world to have an incredible impact.

Apply for GLÆ 2020

Places are capped at 100 to ensure an inclusive experience - super early bird pricing for first 15 applicants


Announcing our confirmed Teachers & Luminary Leaders so far... more to be announced soon!

Innovation Generation (ages 12-20)

In parallel with the Activation Experience we have a program for young people between 12-20 years of age will be held at the same resort. If you have a young entrepreneur in the making, or an activist in training, then head here to apply with them.

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Pricing, Terms & Practicalities

PRICING: Super Early Bird available for first 15 places only, offer expires February 29th. Instalment options available upon request, with full balance due by June 30th latest.

REFUNDS: Your payment includes a non-refundable deposit of €50. Refunds requested up to 100 days before the event date will be granted minus your deposit of €50. Refunds requested within the final 100 days before the event will not be granted.

INSTALMENTS: If paying by instalments, your full balance is due by June 30th 2020 at the latest. If you wish to cancel your place and notify us within the final 100 days, your instalments will still be taken as no refunds are given within the final 100 days leading up to the start of the event.

PRACTICALITIES: Each attendee is responsible for their own travel and accommodation.

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