My #1 Secret to Building Confidence in Business | Find the Right Mentor

Apr 03, 2020

Today I want to talk about CONFIDENCE as it is an absolute game changer.

Whether you feel that you have been holding yourself back in creating your dream business, manifesting your best relationship, or how you show up in your life in general – it’s all connected to how confident you feel to live as your authentic self.

As you may know, I recently took to the TEDx stage for a 3rd time. This time around I shared much more of my personal journey, but I felt stronger than ever while being that vulnerable in such a public way. Having worked my way up to it over time, sharing personal things with the world on various platforms, I’m now the most confident I’ve ever been.

So taking small steps, building up your exposure, and recognizing that you won’t die of embarrassment is a really good approach. But there has always been more to it for me.


My best tip, method, or ‘confidence hack’ if you will, has always been to have a great mentor in the wings.

There’s a lot to love about having a mentor. From the simple things like moral support and a sounding board, to the perspective of a trusted, experienced expert who sees the magic in you before you see it yourself.

It can be hard to get out of our own heads and see the full picture. We are all ‘too close’ to ourselves to see with the same perspective. A really good mentor has that greater perspective – PLUS, they aren’t seeing you through that filter of negative beliefs that you probably see yourself through.

This is all so valuable, and has been my best tip in business (and life in general) ever since my media career back at Discovery Health.

I wanted to share this as, while we are screening applications for the Global Luminary Activation Experience, we are seeing a few trends. One of them is a real need for that mentor-style perspective – being able to see the possibilities and business opportunities without the filter of negative self beliefs blocking our creativity and drive.

I would love to help even more Lightworkers with this, and it was a part of the inspiration behind the GLÆ year long mastermind program. While there are a finite number of hours in the day, taking Lightworkers on their business journey in a group setting means I can help so many more future luminaries.

So I really hope this tip helps you. Have you ever had a mentor that truly opened up your world for you? I’d love to know so please do share.



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