Resilience through Yoga & Meditation

Join integrative physician, acupuncturist and meditation teacher, Dr. Andrea Pennington as she explores how to build resilience through yoga and meditation.

Living a life that’s free of suffering from worries, stress and pain is not as hard as you might think.

Actually, it all comes down to developing resilience – the ability to bounce back after the storms of life subside.

The key to developing resilience? Yoga & meditation.

Yoga goes beyond improving flexibility and meditation is more than just sitting and relaxing. Studies show that not only do we see immediate benefits of increased calm, less anxiety and reduced stress, but we also receive lasting benefits of lower risk of depression, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's dementia, to name a few.

In this book and interview series you will find hope and inspiration from many people, just like you, who have gone from surviving to thriving with their practice of yoga and/or meditation.

This course comes with a digital copy of Resilience through Yoga and Meditation, which features a Forward and exclusive chapter by Dr. Andrea Pennington.

You will also have lifetime access to interviews with some of the contributing authors who share extraordinary stories of resilience and renewal based on their practice of yoga and/or meditation.


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