Authentic Speaker Training

With Dr. Andrea Pennington

Read Dr. Andrea's bio & see her TED talks HERE.



The Speaker Circle Authentic Speaker Training is a 12-week online program for luminaries around the world who want to become powerful, authentic speakers with the guidance of renowned speaker, master storyteller & documentary filmmaker, Dr. Andrea Pennington.

With this exclusive training you get lifetime access to 10 online video modules plus 6 LIVE group coaching sessions and with story-mapping worksheets to outline your content, craft your message and hone your delivery.

You are also invited to come to France  in 2022 for the Speak from the Heart Workshop for advanced training. (General admission ticket included)

You may upgrade for additional private sessions or speech review with Dr. Andrea.




Dial into the 'what' of your keynote speech, TED-style talk and informal talks so you can be ultra-effective from stage. Andrea will show you how to craft your entire presentation; from sharing your own story all the way to weaving in the deeper messages you wish to deliver.


You'll learn how to harness the energy and flow of your presentation, ensuring that the timing and structure help you create the perfect start and lead to an impactful finish. You gain confidence that you can move your audience and inspire them to your call to action.



So much of what you 'say' on stage won't come only from the words you choose, but also from the entire symphony of tone, pitch, pace & even your body language which rounds it all off. Andrea will help you master the art of complete communication.



Speaking reveals its power when you connect with your audience on a deep level. Andrea will show you how to connect through to the heart with powerful language, enabling you to speak straight to the subconscious mind & connect to the soul.


With these exclusive programs you get:

  • Lifetime access to 10 online video modules 

  • 6 live group coaching sessions on Zoom

  • Printable story-mapping worksheets to outline your content, craft your message, and create a call to action for each speech

  • Connection to a global network of speakers.

You may upgrade for additional private sessions or speech review with Dr. Andrea.


When you complete this training you will:

Connect through the Heart

  • Outline your keynote or signature speech with ease
  • Distill your wisdom into a powerful TED-style talk
  • Confidently deliver your message from the heart, without memorizing
  • Create a speaker kit to pitch yourself as a speaker

Captivate the Mind

  • Find & liberate your authentic voice
  • Bring your message to life with clarity & coherence
  • Learn to use conversational intelligence in your speech
  • Overcome fear of making mistakes & judgment
  • Find your natural path to stage crafting & using your body

For the first time, our Speak from the Heart Workshop is included for all ticket levels!


Speak from the Heart is a 2-day advanced speaker skills workshop hosted by Dr. Andrea in Cannes, France JULY 8-10 2022

This workshop combines additional training on stage crafting plus live practice on stage.

Over the course of the weekend, Dr. Andrea will to take you through the process of crafting and delivering every talk that will touch the hearts of your audience and make you memorable to them.

This is a rare opportunity to step onto the stage and practice with the group, while receiving feedback directly from Dr. Andrea!


Get ready to learn from one of the industry's brightest lights and most authentic messengers.

Dr. Andrea Pennington



Choose your package with the level of support you desire.



Silver Package

  • 10 Video Modules
  • 6 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • No private sessions with Dr. Andrea
  • 1 Ticket to Speak from the Heart Workshop
(Travel & hotel not included)



Gold Package

  • 10 Video Modules
  • 6 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • 2 Private Sessions with Dr. Andrea
  • 1 Ticket to Speak from the Heart Workshop 

     (Travel & hotel not included)



Platinum Package

  • 10 Video Modules
  • 6 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • 5 Private Sessions with Dr. Andrea
  • Email + voice message support for script review & feedback
  • 1 VIP ticket to Speak from the Heart Workshop + VIP Dinner
(Travel & hotel not included)

We know you'll love this training!

Here's why.


Our luminaries say it best...

I have HUGE gratitude for Andrea!

I found my authentic voice working Andrea's program. She helped me trust that I can speak in my unique way with confidence.

Now I can boldly step onto any stage & any podcast as my authentic self!

~ Helene Philipsen

One of the best choices of my life!

Sometimes you don't know why you make a choice, you just know it's right for you. You feel guided. Just jump, do it!

I'm so happy I decided to work with Andrea, she helped me make my mark global! 

~ Ofkje Teekens

I found my soul's purpose!

Having Andrea as a mentor allowed me to gain more confidence and finally embrace my soul purpose. She is outstanding in “reading” you and has the ability to pin down problems fast. She opened a whole new world of ideas, opportunities and connections to me. I will be always grateful for her teachings and endless support.

~ Delia C. O. Sánchez

Click a name below to watch the TEDx talks & videos from some of our graduate luminaries:

Gitte Winter Graugaard | Helene Philipsen | Sól White Fire | Dr. Jill Stocker | Rob Goddard Anja Bolbjerg | Delia C.O. Sánchez

I highly recommend Andrea's work!

Andrea's expertise is to capture your essence & guide you on your own journey.

Working with Andrea allowed me to discover a lot about my authentic self, my resilience skills, and planted in me the seed & desire to start my own business. I am very grateful for her precious help!

~ Joana Soares

I feel liberated!

Working with Andrea allowed me to overcome an unconscious fear that paralyzed me for years. After doing Andrea's program I structured my businesses, my communication and my positioning on the coaching market. This allowed me to generate passive income and to become an international benchmark in my field. I am inspired by his method to support my clients.

~ Roméo Cournal

Andrea believes in you & blows away doubt!

Andrea's expertise is so fundamental if you are looking to grow and improve in your business. She supports you where you didn't even know you needed support. She is a great and loving mentor that gives you the space, knowledge & occasional asswhooping to help you grow beyond your wildest dreams.

~ Margaretha Tosi Lesman


You got questions? We've got answers!

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Learn from a Professional with
Unmatched Expertise in Global Branding


As a sought-after TV personality, Dr. Andrea has been featured multiple times on the Oprah Winfrey Showthe Dr. Oz Show, iTV and the Today Show and served as Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Communications. She has enjoyed high visibility with the world’s largest media brands including Thrive Global, HuffingtonPost and LUXE-TV.

Andrea provides media production and communication strategy consulting globally while based on the French Riviera. As a journalist she has contributed to several magazines including Newsweek, Real Simple, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise and hosted beauty and luxury lifestyle shows on LUXE-TV, distributed to 100+ countries.

Andrea’s popular TEDx talks highlights her passion for wellness, transformation and authentic self-expression. She is past President of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals and former adjunct professor at the University of Monaco.

Read Dr. Andrea's bio & see her TED talks HERE.

Andrea showed me how to leave my comfort zone

Andrea is not only a mentor, she is a role model who walks her talk. I've grown so much due to her training and support, which allow me to confidently share my work with a global audience.

~ Dr. Jill Stocker, DO

Andrea gave me the tools to share my passion

Working with Andrea allowed me to really get to the core of my message. It helped me to clearly feel into & own what I stand for. 

Now I can clearly express my values & mission to help the animals heal!

~ Charlotte Banff

Andrea helped me build my confidence

Andrea helped me learn to tell my personal story with more confidence and tie it in with my business experience. I've now shared my story on stage, in an upcoming documentary film and in podcasts with more ease than I could ever have dreamt of!

~ Rob Goddard

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