Real Self Love Movement


The Real Self Love Movement, Founded by Dr. Andrea Pennington brings together Leaders from around the world who are committed to sharing their presence, resources & insight to support you on your journey to Real Self Love. 

Membership in the not-for-profit Movement is free so there is no barrier to you stepping into a new expression of your life. We aim to empower you to embrace your talents and gifts and share them with the world with a sense of meaning, purpose and joy.

You’re no longer alone. Now is your time to live boldly as your authentic self.

When you join you get instant access to The Real Self-Love Manifesto, Guided Audio meditations, Live Masterclasses with Dr. Andrea, Self-discovery Activities & Interviews.

Our #RealSelfLove Leaders include:

  • Helene Philipsen, Creator of the Emotional Freedom Formula
  • Halina Goldstein, Founder of The Joy Keepers Network
  • Sólveig Thorarinsdottir 
  • Valencia Ray, MD, Creator of The NeuroReinvention Prescription
  • Jen Mavros, Host of the Jen Mavros Show
  • Karena Virginia, World Renown Healer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Empowerment Guru
  • Gitte Winter Graugaard, Author & Founder of Room for Reflection
  • Dr. Gayle Friend 
  • Helen Rebello
  • Roméo Cournal
  • Dr. Debbie Engelmann
  • Ione Butler, Founder of Uplifting Content
  • Anja Steensig

“These are experts I have hand selected, each of whom have already had a dramatic impact on my life and my ability to stay strong, focused and committed to living an epic life as my authentic self.

My gift to you is the free membership into a community of loving support.”

~ Dr. Andrea

Benefits you’ll gain from becoming a member:

🌟Instant access to nurturing global community for support, connection, and love
🌟A safe space to express your authentic self and finally be seen, heard and accepted for who you really are
🌟A growing library of resources which help you heal, evolve and fully embody your real self
🌟Ongoing interaction and Masterclasses with a variety of world-class transformational teachers to encourage continued growth and progress
🌟Invitations to meet up at live events to celebrate life, deepen your experience of your real self in action and explore new territory
🌟 Access to our #RealSelfLove Facebook Community for daily inspiration

By joining us on a journey of self-exploration, self-expression and Real Self Love you can embark on a new adventure in life and actually start crafting your own epic life story. With community, support and guided activities along the way you can put into practice the lessons of life that will make your stronger, happier and more wholeheartedly YOU.

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