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Do you have a story of finding love in an unlikely place? Or how about in an unlikely way?

Maybe you found love with a different approach; such as following a journey of self love and self discovery first, or performing a ritual to send your greatest wish to the universe?

In today's world, finding love has become a major focus. With the advent of the Internet we are all technically more connected than ever before - but in some ways, we are lonelier too.

If you have inspiration, enlightenment or words of wisdom for other people who are looking for love, then I'd love to hear from you.  Your story could inspire others to not give up on love and to put their wish 'out there' to the universe.

What kind of stories are we looking for?

If you have:

  • Found real, lasting love
  • Manifested your soul mate 
  • Met your life partner in an unlikely place
  • Focussed on self-love first, putting yourself on track to the best relationship of your life
  • Asked the universe for a relationship and been granted your wish
  • Found a deep, loving relationship after experiencing a bad one (specifically we are keen to know what you changed)

If you have a story to share I would be very interested to hear from you!

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Introducing The MVP Publishing Process for Your Personal Transformation Story

Has anyone ever told you that you should write a book?

Do you have a deep yearning to get published but haven’t managed to get your ideas organized, written, and out into the world?

If so, what’s holding you back?

Maybe you thought getting a book written and published was just too daunting and scary. Well, I know how you feel. In fact the number one reason people don’t share their personal stories is due to fear.

Well fear no more! 
That's exactly why the MVP Publishing Process was created.

Now you can confidently craft your personal story as a co-author in this collaborative book with the help of 20-year media pro and bestselling author, Dr. Andrea Pennington of Make Your Mark Global.

Our group anthologies are part of our author funded book series which will be full of inspirational stories from people who have gone beyond the pain or trauma to reclaim their power and to live fully.

Do you have a story of bringing true love into your life? The world needs stories like these. There are so many people who would love to know that there is the possibility of living a joyful, successful and fulfilling life after burnout and exhaustion.  They need to hear from you!

But before we get to publishing your story - we have some work to do on crafting it into something you can be really, really proud of.  And I have just the training for that...



Are you excited?

Submit your story idea to be considered for publishing in my new book

If this opportunity is calling to you, then here's how to answer that call.  

Click the button below to submit your story idea confidentially.

And if we feels it is a good fit, we will contact you!

*Submitting your story idea does not guarantee it will be published in the book. You retain all rights to your personal story.

Your Comprehensive Author Package

This offer comes with a package price that covers you fully – so there are no surprises!  Once you join the program, we’ve got you from start to finish.  You can have your published work in your hands this Summer!

The package covers:

  • Writer training, including a one-day LifeWriting workshop (worth $275) or a video recording for those who can’t make it live.
  •  Online e-course training that walks you through the process of crafting your story.  You will get to talk to other authors from the book, and have the support that most solo authors never have.
  •  Editing and feedback on your submission from a professional editor and my publishing team.
  • Publishing (paperback and e-book) is fully taken care of by us.
  • Professional book marketing from my global platform is included too, giving you a huge head start with getting your message out there into the world.

You can also expect more opportunities for interviews, speaking opportunities and media exposure.  Becoming a published author may also increase your client bookings and social media following.  It’s a great reputation builder and a solid way to introduce yourself to a new crowd of potential clients.

And of course, you also gain a fabulous group of co-authors that you will now be connected with.  Going global is a big journey – and it’s more fun with travel buddies!  Going through the nervous wait before launch day, to the excitement of book signings and beyond is something that we will share as a group.

Your Investment

The full cost is just $1970, which can be paid as three installments. 
This covers everything – so no surprises here!


Becoming a published author is a great way to reach a new audience, build your personal brand, and gain confidence in yourself.

Hear from some of our previous authors...

Diane L. Hayworth, Co-Author of Magic and Miracles


Gila Nehemia, Co-Author of Life After Trauma


Charlotte Banff, Co-Author of Magic and Miracles


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