Take the Guesswork Out of Building Your Authentic Personal Brand,
Cultivating A Powerful Stage Presence
& Growing Your Global Business

Exclusive Training & Mentoring with Dr. Andrea Pennington


2 Tiers of Private Training & Mentoring

Global Luminary Academy
1-Year Mentoring & VIP Training Events

Our most comprehensive, inclusive package offers ALL of Dr. Andrea's online training plus VIP access to in-person events along with monthly mentoring sessions.  

The Global Luminary Academy is most appropriate for people aiming to build a 6-figure personal brand business. The Academy is designed to help you achieve a presence, authority and higher level of prestige in the global marketplace.
If you know you have an important message to shout from the rooftops, then let Dr. Andrea guide you at each step; from crafting your first big talk with you, to introducing you to your next interviewer or collaborator.
This package is for you if your overall message and brand are formed, and you are really feeling the pull deep down to go global. Along with Dr. Andrea's help you will refine your brand messaging so that it is clear and impactful, making you even more attractive to event planners, producers and media hosts.
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Network with our Global Community

From taking the speaking circuit by storm, to pitching for your first TEDx - getting yourself known as a powerful speaker does wonders for both your visibility and your desirability.
Ready to write your first book? Let us elevate you to Best Seller status.  These things lead to more media appearances and opportunities.
Starting from scratch alone is a vertical climb.  If you've already tried then you know!  Our established network of Lightworkers are always collaborating, interviewing and sharing.  Don't go it alone, do it with our loving tribe behind you all the way.

Training & Networking Around the World 🌎

In this short film made by our brilliant videographer, David Oddgeirs, see a few highlights from Sólveig Þórarinsdóttir's mentoring time with me in Cannes alongside Helene Philipsen, Dr. Jill Stocker, Malin Hedlund and Gitte Winter Graugaard.

Private Speaker Circle
Online Training & In-Person Intensive
with Exclusive Mentoring in Cannes, France


Train and prepare for your debut on the Speaker Circuit, your first TEDx or major keynote with 20+ year media expert and 3 x TEDx speaker, Dr. Andrea Pennington

Includes the online training modules, plus direct access to Dr. Andrea in the live group online Q&As (via Zoom).

You have the option to add private speech crafting sessions with Dr. Andrea via Skype, so you can walk onto that stage with confidence.

This is ideal for a soul-preneur looking to go from being known locally to known nationwide on the speaking circuit.

Learn how to apply for The VIP Speaker Circle here

Learn from a Professional with
Unmatched Expertise in Global Branding & Public Speaking

Dr. Andrea Pennington is a medical doctor, global media strategist, international TEDx speaker and best-selling author. She is the Managing Director of Make Your Mark Global and creator of AUTHENTIC: The Personal Branding System and the MVP Publishing Process.

As a sought-after TV personality, Dr. Andrea has been featured multiple times on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz Show, iTV and the Today Show and served as Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Communications. She continues to enjoy high visibility with the world’s largest media brands including Thrive Global, HuffingtonPost and LUXE-TV.

Andrea provides media production and communication strategy consulting globally while based in Monte Carlo, Monaco. As a journalist she has contributed to several magazines including Newsweek, Real Simple, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise and currently hosts beauty and luxury lifestyle shows on LUXE-TV, distributed to 100+ countries.

Andrea’s popular TEDx talk highlights her passion for wellness, transformation and authentic self-expression. She is a Founding Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders - Europe and past President of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals. Andrea is also adjunct professor at the University of Monaco and provides her heart-centered global training through seminars and destination retreats.

Visit www.MakeYourMarkGlobal.com for more info on Dr. Andrea's media strategy & content development offerings.

Testimonials - Hear Some Praise & Love for Dr. Andrea

Gitte Winter Graugaard

She's taken huge strides since her work with Andrea began. She's a Global Luminary lighting up the world through her books, workshops and TEDx talks.


Dr "Juicy" Jill Stocker & Malin Hedlund

These two powerhouses are taking their personal passion for total wellness, fitness and personal advocacy to a global level!


Steinar Ditlefsen

Host of European Transformational Teachers Gathering (ETTG)


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