Real Self Love Days in Copenhagen

June 22 + 23, 2018

့ Experience a Unique Healing Event ့

Led by Two Leaders in Transformation

Andrea Pennington, MD

After suffering with depression and anxiety for most of her life, a spiritual awakening finally showed Andrea how to live free as her Authentic Self.

Now, with years of experience healing people in her wellness institute in the USA, Andrea currently teaches The Cornerstone Process for Real Self-Love around the world.

This 5-Step framework, as explained in her book, 'I Love You, Me!'  will empower you to live life with unconditional self-acceptance, confidence & compassion.

Helene Philipsen

Helene works with women worldwide who are passionate about nourishing their body, mind and soul – but struggling to find the right path. 

With a background in psychology, Recovery and Life Coaching, Helene’s expertise lies within building real-self-love, her core speciality being healing the root of our unwanted emotional patterns. 

She has committed her life to helping others because she wants you to know, that living confidently and lovingly inside a healthy body is possible for anyone.

Heal ့ Discover ့ Connect

Break free from limiting beliefs, heal past traumatic experiences, and create a new vision for yourself in a supportive environment of love & compassion.

Be Inspired by the Professional Team Dedicated to Empowering You with
Compassion & Joy

Willow McIntosh

Willow leads an interactive session to empower you to process toxic shame, go beyond  the fear of stepping into your Authentic Self, and explore the paradox of vulnerability.

Gitte Winter Graugaard

Gitte presents insights on how self love can help us create a space for more creativity that might even blossom into a profession, like it did for Gitte, when she decided to write her first children’s book.

Halina Goldstein

Loneliness is something that all human beings experience at some point.

Halina will share 3 essential keys to turn loneliness to joy, and how they lead to a life with the love and support that we all desire.  

Anja Steensig

Anja shares her story of healing from depression, awakening to new purpose and how you can connect with spirit on your journey to living with real self-love.

Gain Clarity

Day 1: Awaken
Learn who you really are

Friday, June 22
10am - 5pm

Our 2-Day event is based on The Cornerstone Process by Dr. Andrea Pennington. Each of the 5 steps helps you create a foundation of Real-Self Love.

The experience begins with Awareness of who you really are and Acceptance of your Authentic Self. 

The first day of our time together will reveal to you the core elements of your Authentic Self, uncover the thoughts, experiences and beliefs that have prevented you from truly loving and being your self and prepare you to create your new life pathway with grace. 


Experiential Healing

  • Awareness Let’s get to know your real Self and understand why/how false self was constructed. You will discover your spiritual DNA by uncovering your core values, exploring your natural gifts, character traits and signature strengths, plus reveal your energy type based on the 5 Elements of Chinese Energetics
  • Acceptance Let's make peace with what is present and release the pain of what has past so we can move forward with grace. You will understand the difference between healthy shame and toxic shame, connect to the healing power of self-compassion and practice the Forgiveness Meditation

Day 2: Transform & Thrive
Love who you really are & live with passion

Saturday, June 23
10am - 5pm

On the second day of our time together you will explore how to take full responsibility for your life to move forward without shame, blame or guilt. Your own heart and soul will reveal a new vision for your future that is inspiring and aligned with your Authentic Self.


  Experiential Healing Sessions

  • Accountability Reclaim your power to respond to life's challenges with grace. Create new pathways to live in alignment with your values, desires and aspirations. Turn loneliness to joy 
  • Inspired Action Make a commitment to only take action that is in alignment with your values and which is inspired by your highest self or Higher Power.
  • Appreciation Staying connected to nature and your true essence will allow you to live with gratitude and appreciation.

This is a unique opportunity to work directly with leading experts in Self-Love & Transformation to heal past wounds, embrace your natural gifts and live confidently of your Authentic Self!

Make Real Self-Love the Cornerstone of Your Life

The Real Self-Love Movement was founded by Dr. Andrea Pennington and Helene Phlipsen to meet the need for connection and support in living with authenticity and unconditional self-acceptance.

In addition to our online community and resource library, we invite you to join us in person for #RealSelfLove Days, hosted in cities around the world.

Our mission is to help create a safe space to heal, grow and express your Authentic Self while providing workshops and activities designed to help you create a durable foundation of Real Self Love.

Finally you can connect with a global tribe dedicated to celebrating your unique gifts, honoring your path and moving forward with confidence and compassion!


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