A 12-month group coaching program hosted by Dr. Andrea Pennington

Designed to support your journey of healing, growth & evolution!


It's Time to
Become the HERO of Your Life!

With gentle guidance & group support, you can unleash your inner superpowers & activate your innate healing capacity!

Dr. Andrea has 20 years of professional expertise in integrating proven healing modalities for improving psychological wellbeing, building resilience and recovering from trauma.

She has hand selected a group of Luminaries to share their brilliance with you during your journey in a safe group setting.

Map out your own Hero's journey

Each of us has a hero within. Even if you've felt like the underdog or a victim, you can change that. You get to rewrite your own story for the next chapter of your life! By learning each step of Joseph Campbell's hero journey you will gain new perspective and empowerment to change the narrative for your life.

  • Identify the programs & beliefs you took on since your birth
  • Find the common themes in your life so you can enhance the positive or eliminate the negative
  • Use Dr. Andrea's LifeWriting Narrative Therapy writing prompts to reclaim your authority as the 
  • Rewrite your self description as the healthiest, most heroic version of YOU

If you're a speaker or author this will help you find new, authentic ways of sharing your personal story in books or on stage.

But you never have to share what you write, unless you want to.

Tap into the Power of Archetypes

Besides the hero, there are common personality types that we each have access to, including the magician, the artist, the king and queen, the divine child, and many more. Carl Jung described over 70 archetypes that are found in cultures and countries across the globe and across the centuries.

Because these are part of our collective unconscious we can access them and call them forth when we need to evolve, grow or rise to a new challenge. Throughout your journey in the Collective you will:  

  • Find & liberate your authentic voice
  • Claim your sovereignty as the King or Queen of your life
  • Tune into the God/Goddess energy within
  • Elevate your Inner Warrior
  • Connect to, heal & nurture your Inner Child
  • Tap into your inner Sage's wisdom
  • Develop more creativity with your Inner Artist
  • and much more

Live Monthly Group Coaching

Each month Dr. Andrea hosts a private group coaching session to give you feedback & the chance to share your personal discoveries with the group.


Narrative Therapy

Using Dr. Andrea's signature LifeWriting Program Program will help you gently access the beliefs & programs in your subconscious mind. You will be empowered to rewrite them in alignment with your values & dreams.

Guided Meditations

Get lifetime access to download several unique guided meditations for reducing stress & anxiety, improving compassion, and activating inner archetypes such as the Hero, Divine Queen or King.



Many of us grew up in families where we weren't allowed to speak, or we were shamed or not taken seriously. This community of peers from around the world will welcome each other, providing a safe container to finally be seen & heard for who you really are.


With this comprehensive program you get:

  • Lifetime access to all online video modules 

  • 12 live group coaching sessions on Zoom

  • Printable personal workbook to complete your assignments & track your progress

  • 5 bonus e-books 
  • Connection to a global community of heroes.

You may purchase private sessions with Dr. Andrea and other mentors if you like.


By joining the HERO Collective you will develop
the Top 10 Traits of Resilience, Increase Your Confidence, and
Nurture Real Self Love

Step by Step Guidance On The Cornerstone Process for self-love & resilience

If you've seen Dr. Andrea's powerful TED talks, you know she had a lifechanging near death experience in 2005 that revealed the source of & healed her suffering from depression.

She then traveled the world to  meet other healers and shamans, and uncover the secrets to healing & recovery. In addition to her traditional training in trauma recovery, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction she began the study of neurofeedback and integrating sacred plant medicine journeys.

Her personal experience & extensive research revealed that recovery from trauma and early childhood adversity can unfold gently & reliably following a holistic healing process. In her bestselling book, The Real Self Love Handbook, retreats & workshops Dr. Andrea outlines the 5-step process that has helped her continue her self-love journey while inspiring others to do the same. 

The Cornerstone Process is a framework that gently guides your self-discovery process deep into your heart, mind and soul. You will uncover the gems hidden in your heart, rediscover the Authentic Self, and recover your power to live with joy & vitality. This process accommodates multiple healing modalities & therapeutic approaches.


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Get ready to learn from a heart-centered, soul-driven healer...


As a sought-after TV personality, Dr. Andrea has been featured multiple times on the Oprah Winfrey Showthe Dr. Oz Show, iTV and the Today Show and served as Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Communications. She has enjoyed high visibility with the world’s largest media brands including Thrive Global, HuffingtonPost and LUXE-TV.

Andrea provides media production and communication strategy consulting globally while based on the French Riviera. As a journalist she has contributed to several magazines including Newsweek, Real Simple, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise and hosted beauty and luxury lifestyle shows on LUXE-TV, distributed to 100+ countries.

Andrea’s popular TEDx talks highlights her passion for wellness, transformation and authentic self-expression. She is past President of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals and former adjunct professor at the University of Monaco.

Read Dr. Andrea's bio & see her TED talks HERE.

 Build Up Your Resilience Skills 


You were born resilient...
together we will reactivate your innate vitality &
nurture a stress resistant personality


Andrea gave me the tools to share my passion

Working with Andrea allowed me to really get to the core of my message. It helped me to clearly feel into & own what I stand for. 

Now I can clearly express my values & mission to help the animals heal!

~ Charlotte Banff

Andrea helped me build my confidence

Andrea helped me learn to tell my personal story with more confidence and tie it in with my business experience. I've now shared my story on stage, in an upcoming documentary film and in podcasts with more ease than I could ever have dreamt of!

~ Rob Goddard

I found my soul's purpose!

Having Andrea as a mentor allowed me to gain more confidence and finally embrace my soul purpose. She is outstanding in “reading” you and has the ability to pin down problems fast. She opened a whole new world of ideas, opportunities and connections to me. I will be always grateful for her teachings and endless support.

~ Delia C. O. Sánchez

I highly recommend Andrea's work!

Andrea's expertise is to capture your essence & guide you on your own journey.

Working with Andrea allowed me to discover a lot about my authentic self, my resilience skills, and planted in me the seed & desire to start my own business. I am very grateful for her precious help!

~ Joana Soares

I feel liberated!

Working with Andrea allowed me to overcome an unconscious fear that paralyzed me for years. After doing Andrea's program I structured my businesses, my communication and my positioning on the coaching market.

~ Roméo Cournal

Andrea believes in you & blows away doubt!

Andrea supports you where you didn't even know you needed support. She is a great and loving mentor that gives you the space, knowledge & occasional asswhooping to help you grow beyond your wildest dreams.

~ Margaretha Tosi Lesman

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