We are ALL born resilient.
But we can lose touch with our strength and willpower along the journey of life.

Our goal is to inspire a minimum of 10,000,000 people around the world to transform their own lives by implementing the resilience-building strategies outlined in the film.



This documentary film, created & hosted by Dr. Andrea Pennington, explores the stories of 4 people from different countries and varied backgrounds who have each overcome burnout  to live healthy, purposeful lives.

More than surviving, these people are thriving. The key lessons drawn from their life stories will be showcased in light of recent research on resilience.

What can motivate us to fight for our lives despite our setbacks and challenges?

How do we rebuild our lives after trauma or tragedy?

How do we build resilience in the midst of chaos?

The people profiled in this film already know the answer to these questions and they have the fight in them to overcome all odds, including multiple blows to their sense of self.

They have risen up, have the scars to prove it, and want nothing more than to share what they’ve learned with the world around them.


About the Filmmaker
Dr. Andrea Pennington

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The ‘Why’ behind the film — A Personal & Professional Quest

For nearly twenty years Dr. Andrea Pennington, Managing Director of Make Your Mark Global, has committed her life to teaching people how to reclaim wellness and how to live in alignment with their true nature.

“Wholeness and wellbeing are now desperately being sought by millions of people who are waking up to the fact that no government program, no healthcare plan, no food manufacturer, and no financial system can correct the imbalances in our bodies, minds and environments. We must re-learn how to care for ourselves.

The wisdom of healing and vitality, and living in a way that is sustainable and in harmony with our environments is natural and a part of our DNA.

Humanity is being called to transform. The time has come for people everywhere to heed the call of their conscience to truly live as global citizens with a personal responsibility for healing themselves and the planet.

We are all being called to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’ and in our hearts.”

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